caleas srl Activity

Since is was founded, Caleas Srl has constantly intensified its sphere of activities, also because of marketing requirements.
Now it is able to meet any insurance request, from personal line insurance to industrial line, from tecnological to environmental risks.
Activities have taken place concentrating on the management of insurance products for large, medium and small industrial and commercial companies, irrespective of their sector.
Relation with clients have always been based on the criterion of the advantage for the both parties .
One of the main reason for the existence of Caleas Srl however, has been to adapt to clients' needs and to personalise the product on offer.
The high professionalism, which has marked the activities of Caleas Srl, has consisted of total support for claims management, from start to finish, with indispensable legal cooperation, with the file always being handled and looked after Caleas Srl.

Caleas Srl
Via Mauro Macchi n. 42
20124 Milano

General contact information
Telephone: +39026690220
Fax : +39026690785

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