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The basic criterion, wich, since the beginning, has directed the Company's activity, has been to devote maximun attention to each single client and his needs.
The services offered have, as a result, always been characterised by the maximun tailor made services irrespective of whatever level and whatever sector.
These strategic points, indipendence, professionalism, tailor made products, have enable Caleas Srl to achieve credibility and trust to an ever-increasing extent, and thus obtaining a wider choice of suppliers from the insurance industry.
Caleas Srl guarantee their complete willingnes to define and increase the technical knowledge of the insurance aspect of the range of products available in the market and their response and adequacy to every specific requirement.
Rich in experience and having considerable business relations with trustworthy products, Caleas Srl is able to provide technical support and furthermore, above all, the evaluation of the prevailing situation and the subsequent techinical recommendations, after a survey, to highlight the action which needs to be taken for adjustment of the values of buildings, equipment and plant.
in thin way, on the hand, current legislation has been respected, and on the other hand, there is the correct ratio between costs and benefits for the client

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